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Are you looking for a new job?

But it shouldn't be any kind of job. You want more than a good pay!

Such as:

  • Career options
  • A work-life balance
  • A home office rule
  • Flexible work time models

As an IT market-focused HR consultant firm, our goal is to find a position that BEST suits YOUR needs.

We provide this by truly knowing our customers (C-Level + Department Heads) and knowing what the companies offers, which (soft/hard) skills are expected, and what benefits are available.

In addition, we support you at every step of the application process. Starting with professional support to prepare your application documents, and continuing to answer any questions or concerns during or after the trial period. All of this, of course, is discreet and free of charge for you.

Take advantage of our free consultation by phone and find out what we can do for you! I guarantee: The call will be a win for you.

The right employer

The primary goal of rhc consulting & management GmbH is focused on filling technical and management positions in the IT market.

When selecting customers (your potential employer), rhc takes care to ensure that not only an attractive salary is offered, but also other criteria such as a positive working environment, attractive travel guidelines, and development opportunities are available. We are especially proud and fully support our customers efforts to support diversity and actively recruit women in their workforce.

We have long-standing business relationships with almost all our customers, which results in very good relationships with the management level and departmental management level of the companies.

As a multi-award-winning, IT market-focused HR consultant firm, it is important for rhc to work with top companies; so it should come as no surprise that most of our customers are among the top employers in Germany.

Customers include:

  • Leading SAP Partners
  • Established IT companies
  • IT Departments of Selected Top Industry Companies

rhc in the IT and SAP environment

For almost 15 years, rhc consulting & management GmbH has focused exclusively on the recruitment of specialists and executives in the IT and SAP environment.

This means: rhc knows the market, the companies, and the requirements of the industry. Years of experience working in this environment guarantee that companies find the right people; and furthermore, that employees get to know a suitable new employer without risk.

rhc knows how difficult it is to meet employees and employers’ expectations. In order to stay on the cutting-edge of trends and abreast of the industry, rhc focuses on a few key areas:

  • IT Management
  • IT Sales
  • IT Consulting (focus ON SAP)
  • IT-Development
  • IT-Marketing

Current top positions



Head of SAP Sales



(Senior) Sales Executive Customer Experience



Unit Lead SAP Supply Chain Management



Head of Sales

About rhc

rhc consulting & management GmbH is an established and excellent IT market-focused HR consultant firm. It can look back on an expertise that began at the start of the commercial Internet in the 1990s. To date, this has resulted in a considerable network with access to a wide range of luminaries and well-known IT companies.

Ralf Hettler has been working in the IT industry for more than 25 years.

Stations of his career in sales, marketing, and management were companies such as the former SAP subsidiary Steeb, BRAIN (today Infor) and Green AG. There he worked in various management functions. In addition to HR consulting, he has also supported various software companies as sales coach and external key account manager in recent years. In other words: he knows the market. Up-to-date and first-hand! The team is completed by other experts in the various fields.

How to find us


rhc consulting & management GmbH
Am Ilvesbach 8
D-74889 Sinsheim

Telefon: +49(0)7261-9732876
Mobile: +49(0)160-94929028


rhc consulting & management GmbH | Am Ilvesbach 8 | D-74889 Sinsheim | Tel: +49(0)7261-9732876 | Mobil: +49(0)160-94929028

rhc consulting & management GmbH | Am Ilvesbach 8 | D-74889 Sinsheim
Tel: +49(0)7261-9732876
Mobil: +49(0)160-94929028